The best pancakes in NYC

It’s no secret I have a serious sweet tooth, and pancakes are my absolute favorite breakfast food. After eating plenty of pancakes in New York, it’s about time I shared the ones that are worth the calories, and the wait.

Sunday in Brooklyn








Sunday in Brooklyn is seriously stepping up the pancake game. Their huge stack of pancakes is served with brown butter and hazelnut maple praline, a sweet sauce that has a similar consistency to caramel. To create the perfect plump-looking pancakes, Sunday in Brooklyn uses malt powder in the pancake batter, giving them a sweet and nutty undertone. While there’s no escaping these bad boys – the picture perfect pancakes can be seen on every table in the restaurant – it’s best to order them to share. Unless you’re up for a challenge of course.

Nomo Kitchen

An archway with greenery and fairy lights leads you to – dare I say – the best lemon ricotta pancakes in New York. The Nomo Kitchen is located in the Nomo Soho hotel, offering breakfast in a luxury setting. The pancakes are puffy, light and full of lemon, which makes them super refreshing. Served with seasonal berries and a light cream, the pancakes at the Nomo Kitchen aren’t so heavy on the stomach – no post-brunch naps required here.

Café Orlin

Why wait until Fall to eat pumpkin-flavored food? Café Orlin serves the perfect pumpkin pancakes all year round! The pancakes are dense and moist, contrasting the usual fluffy style pancake. They are covered in a cinnamon yogurt sauce and served with orange slices on the side, balancing the sweetness of the pumpkin. It’s like eating pumpkin cake for breakfast – but better, and whatever the weather.

Clinton Street Baking Company

There’s a reason Clinton Street Baking Company is famous for their pancakes, attracting long lines for breakfast and dinner. The all-day menu offers pancakes with warm blueberries, big chocolate chunks or banana & walnuts – all of which are baked inside the pancakes, maximizing the flavor in each bite. The pancakes have a golden-brown outside, giving them a slight crisp on the edges, while the inside is soft and fluffy. The side of warm maple butter – a thicker buttery version of the traditional maple syrup – makes them heaven on earth. And in February, things go completely crazy as Clinton Street Baking Company offers different pancake flavors all month long.

Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde is an Italian restaurant, showing us Italians know how to cook an American style breakfast. The lemon ricotta pancakes are baked with blueberries in the batter, which are still warm when you bite into the fluffy clouds. Topped with additional fresh blueberries and a sweet and zingy lemon curd, these simple pancakes just hit the spot.

Boulton and Watt

This low-key Lower East Side spot serves some interesting pancakes – a dish they certainly aren’t famous for. Boulton and Watt adds oatmeal to the buttermilk batter, making them nutty and extra filling. The pancakes are topped with a drizzle of rabiola cheese and orange maple butter, which both have a tangy taste, while the final topping of raspberries adds a little sweetness. These pancakes in New York are packed with so many different flavors. Make sure you’re hungry – not just hungover.

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