The best breakfast sandwiches in NYC

Even if you’re not a morning person, a good breakfast sandwich is worth getting out of bed for – especially when there’s more to it than bacon, egg and cheese on bread. From buttery biscuits to sweet cinnamon buns and croissants, these are the absolute best breakfast sandwiches in NYC.

High street on Hudson 

High street on Hudson might as well be called breakfast-sandwich-heaven on Hudson. Serving stellar sandwiches every day of the week, flakey croissants and strong coffee – there’s a reason this spot is a neighborhood favorite. The bodega consists of malted sausage, egg, aged cheddar on a black pepper biscuit that has a slight crunch to it. It’s small, but full of flavor and a tad spicy. A more filling sandwich is the pastrami & hash, loaded with roasted peppers, shaved pastrami, a farm egg and Russian dressing to round it off.

The Wild Son

The Wild Son serves breakfast all day, including seven killer breakfast sandwiches. From the Grandma Anna with scrambled eggs and hot pepper aioli to the roasted cauliflower steak on a crunchy baguette, the Wild Son’s sandwich game is super strong. My favorite is the Good Morning Sunshine with thick pulled braised bacon, a sunny side egg and avocado on a fluffy brioche bun – it certainly lives up to its name.

Nickel and Diner

Kale cashew bowl, roasted maitake mushrooms and tomato panzanella – this isn’t your average diner. Nickel and Diner takes a modern approach to American cuisine, focusing on locally sourced ingredients with a small-refined menu. The classic egg sandwich on a poppy seed Kaiser roll is packed with protein, including two fried eggs, sweet bacon, smokey country ham, as well as sharp cheddar that melts over all the meat. And for only $10, it’s a very good deal for a breakfast sandwich in NYC.

Egg shop

With a menu that revolves around eggs, it’s no surprise the Egg Shop does some of the best breakfast sandwiches in New York. The spicy sausage egg & cheese sandwich is served on a soft buttery biscuit with maple sausage, hot harissa and creamy scrambled eggs. The biscuit adds a little sweetness, while the harissa sauce gives it some kick. Expect a wait on the weekends, and do your best to get the high table at the window – unless you enjoy elbowing your neighbors.


An exposed brick wall, pretty plants and French waiters – Maman in Tribeca is definitely the nicest restaurant to eat a breakfast sandwich in New York. The Maman breakfast sandwich comes with sweet bourbon bacon jam, fresh avocado, fried egg and warm oven-roasted tomatoes, balanced with a simple refreshing salad on the side. Add some chicken to make it extra filling, and don’t forget to get a pastry on your way out.


Delicatessen serves all the breakfast essentials on a croissant, behold the infamous croissan’wich. The eggs are runny, the bacon is crispy and the croissant is soft and buttery, creating the most comforting breakfast sandwich in the city. Located at the crossroads of Nolita and Soho, it’s the perfect spot for people watching.

White Gold Butcher’s

Finally, a decent breakfast sandwich that can be found above 14th street – on the Upper West Side of all places. But with chef April Bloomfield in charge, this local butcher was bound to be a success. The egg sandwiches are served on a poppy seed bun with either bacon, sausage or ham. Whatever you choose, expect it to be dripping in fat and smothered in copious amounts of cheese. No dieters allowed.

Mile End

Mile End switches things up on the weekends, offering a BEC like no other. While there is nothing wrong with bread, a cinnamon bun breakfast sandwich is already superior to other sandwiches in the city. The delicatessen combines sweet with savory, serving bacon, a sunny side egg and cheese on their warm cinnamon bun. This breakfast sandwich works magic, even on the most hungover person.


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