Big Gay Ice Cream

The guys behind Big Gay Ice Cream have turned the simple soft serve ice cream into something fun, different and delicious. Attracting long lines of kids and adults in the Summer, Big Gay Ice Cream in the West- and East Village is a NYC staple for soft serve.

Each ice cream comes with a bundle of toppings, piled on top of a waffle cone – sometimes carried on a plastic plate if it all gets too heavy. The Salty Pimp vanilla soft serve is dipped into dulce de leche, chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt, taking the edge off the thick caramel. The Rocky Roadhouse is a chocolate soft serve topped with small marshmallows, crispy almonds and big chunks of chocolate, making it the most filling flavor. The Bae Arthur vanilla soft serve is a lighter option, infused with dulce de leche and rolled in nilla wafers – it’s a favorite for many.

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