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In my quest to find the best cupcakes in New York I had to try Billy’s Bakery. With three locations in NYC, including Chelsea, Tribeca and inside Canal Street Market, the yummy cupcakes are never too far away.

Billy’s Bakery has definitely nailed the cupcake-frosting ratio. The generous amount of frosting makes each bite as flavorful as the first and the cupcakes are incredibly soft and fluffy. Whereas the chocolate cupcakes are heavy and rich, the Yellow Daisy cupcake is a lighter cupcake to indulge in. The colorful cupcake with sprinkles is a feast for the eyes alone.

Layers of love
The huge slices and thick layers of frosting make the cakes even better than the cupcakes, not to mention very filling. The red velvet cake has an abundance of classic cream cheese, and the moist banana cake with cream cheese bursts with banana flavor. They are one of the best slices of cake in NYC.

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