Molly’s cupcakes

Molly’s cupcakes doesn’t make you choose between your favorite foods, incorporating delicious desserts in their famous cupcakes. From creme brûlée to blueberry cheesecake and tiramisu cupcakes, this place gives you the best of both worlds.

Love at first bite
Molly’s cupcakes does a whole range of center filled cupcakes, giving us more flavor with every bite. The cake batter cupcake is filled with raw cake batter in the color blue, which is extremely sweet and sugary, and topped with a light vanilla butter cream and the obligatory festive sprinkles. The cookie monster cupcake is filled with raw cookie dough and chocolate chips throughout the soft vanilla cake, and topped with a crunchy chocolate chip cookie. Other highlights include the Boston cream cupcake, filled a pastry cream filling and topped with a rich chocolate genache, as well as the blueberry cheesecake cupcake with cinnamon graham crackers crumbs.

Unleash your inner child
The fun doesn’t stop at the cupcakes, as you can eat your cupcake while sitting on one of the swings at the bar – it’s like entering a playground for adults. And let’s face it, the only thing better than eating a cupcake is eating a cupcake on a swing.

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