The best chocolate desserts in NYC

You know those people that say something is too sweet? I’m not one of those. Nothing is ever too sweet, too rich, or too chocolatey for me. You know those people that can only have one piece of chocolate? Yeah, I don’t fall in that category either – I wish I did though. As someone who can’t get enough of chocolate, I thought I’d share the best chocolate desserts in New York City (be warned, these aren’t for the fainthearted).

Brooklyn blackout cupcake at Two Little Red Hens:

Living up to its name, this chocolate cupcake will literally give you a blackout after the first bite. Filled with three layers of dark chocolate pudding and topped with a swirl of chocolate fudge frosting, this cupcake is jam-packed with chocolate. It’s extremely rich and fudgy, and I’ve yet to find a better chocolate cupcake in the city.

Chocolate malt truffles at Momofuku Milkbar:

I know Milkbar is famous for their cereal milk soft serve and birthday cake, but why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the chocolate malt truffles? They may not look like anything special, but they are. The small bites are made with rich chocolate cake and malted milk (this adds a bit of creamy richness), and coated with white chocolate and malted milk crumbs. Despite the small size, they are extremely gooey and filling.

Chocolate brownie donut at Dough:

Just when you think the donuts at Dough can’t get any bigger and better, they do. Topped with a dark chocolate glaze and brownie chunks, this donut packs two desserts in one. It isn’t always available, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. How is one supposed to resist both donuts and brownies at once?

Malted milk ball cake at Baked Tribeca

If you love maltesers, then you need to stop what you’re doing and walk – or better yet, run – to Baked Tribeca. The cake is filled with chocolate genache and layers of creamy whipped milk, and topped with tiny malt balls to add a little crunch. It’s the perfect balance of milkiness and dark chocolate, ending with a crispy bite.

Nutella stuffed French toast at Aurora:

Aurora’s French toast is unlike any other. The huge slice of brioche bread is filled with Nutella and baked in the oven, making it warm and extra soft. It’s topped with slices of banana, a drizzle of maple syrup (yes more sugar) and a dollop of Greek yogurt to balance all that sweetness.

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